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Wes White: From tips and trends to planning and portfolio allocation, Wes is a trusted source for all things related to your finances and retirement – whether you’re watching him on TV or meeting with him in person.

Bear Market Playbook: Retiring in Down Market

Retiring in a Bear Market presents very unique challenges, and if not handled correctly, you run the risk of outliving your money; that risk is known as “sequence risk.” @Wes with @PatriotWealthNC was invited onto Retirement Wealth Academy, hosted by Emmy Award winning journalist @erinkennedy to explain how proactive planning can all but eliminate sequence risk.

If you retire into a down market and are forced to tap your risk-based assets, you are compounding your losses. Instead of tapping your portfolio, Wes advises retirees turn to other stable income sources like an annuity.

At Patriot Wealth, our mantra is: Plan Smart, Live Better. Proactive planning is key to ensuring you don’t outlive your retirement savings. If you are in or near retirement and would like to speak with Wes about how to create stable income in retirement, please reach out for a complimentary consultation by calling 919-322-4113 or by visiting PatriotWealthNC.com.

Retirement Wealth Academy: How to Maximize a Traditional 60/40 Allocation

2022 marked the worst performance for the 60/40 portfolio since the Great Depression. Normally a bedrock of long-term investing, experts are now questioning whether the 60/40 portfolio is still relevant. Wes with Patriot Wealth was recently interviewed by Emmy Award winning journalist Erin Kennedy on Retirement Wealth Academy to talk through bond alternatives, strategic diversification, and how to build a portfolio that reduces risk and enhances returns.

These investing options address a key dilemma for retirees: balancing risk diversification and downside risk protection, while still creating a predictable income stream.

Our team at Patriot Wealth has been proactively working to help clients create portfolios that are able to withstand or even capitalize on market volatility while mitigating risk. Please reach out to Wes for a complimentary consultation by calling 919-322-4113 or by visiting PatriotWealthNC.com.

Catch Wes on ABC 11!

The #StudentLoan Pause is Ending this month! Thank you so much to @tamarascottTV with @abc11 WTVD for taking the time to interview @Wes about what borrowers can do to prepare.

This is such an important story for all North Carolinians. Having an “action plan” for your debt is crucial before those interest payments pick back up.