Rick White

Rick White

Retirement Advisor

Recognized as one of the top “Safe Money” and “Tax-Free Retirement” experts in the industry, Rick has helped countless individuals and families prepare for a secure retirement.

Rick believes that managing risk and being able to keep your life’s hard-earned money protected is just as crucial as growing your money.

Rick is passionate about his clients’ financial education. Whether its on the radio or in the classroom, Rick strives to bring the audience to light with real world financial truths that help Carolinians make informed choices pre- and post-retirement.

Forrest Wallace Cato, Editor-In-Chief of the 88-year old Financial Services Advisor magazine said, “Rick White makes those in the financial planning industry very proud. He takes great care in listening to the needs and wishes of his clients. Then, he carefully designs suitable financial plans that help his clients enjoy life without financial worries. Rick is a man of integrity.”

Rick has appeared on the PBS television program Money Moves and on FoxBusiness.com. He’s been a featured contributor to Fortune/CNN/Money, FoxBusiness.com and popular trade publications such as the Financial Services Journal Online. He has also appeared in the Charlotte Observer.

Away from the office, Rick enjoys visiting with his grandsons locally and daughter’s family in Kernersville, NC.